Sixty-four a Day

Sixty-four… what?  Bars of soap?  Sometimes!  Bottles of lotion?  Possibly.  Tubes of lip balm?  Nope.

Sixty-four ounces of water daily.  This is my favorite and easiest fitness trick.  I start with 16 ounces when I take my morning pills – eight for my multivitamin, another eight for my Claritin.  This is a hard goal to reach when it’s 35 degrees and cloudy outside.  After all, who wants to put even tap cold water into a body already bundled up against the cold?  However, as the days get warmer and more humid, that 64 ounces is very attainable.

I use water to stave off cravings, too.  My family gave me a scrumptious Andes Mint Cheesecake for Mother’s Day, some of which is still in the fridge.  Last night I was thinking, “Hm, a slice of that sure would be good!”  Then I remembered something a friend told me one time:  “Hunger can also be your body’s way of telling you you’re dehydrated.”  That stuck with me, and often when I find myself really wanting a sweet something (like a slice of cheesecake), I instead bypass the fridge and pantry and refill my water cup.  Works almost every time (though I’m not opposed to grabbing a Kiss from the bowl, either).

Question…  What’s your favorite and easiest fitness trick?

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