Givin’ My Feet a Super Sweet Treat

Am I the only one who’s tired of Winter and has the hands and feet to prove it?  Oh my gosh, they’re so dry and chapped, even with frequent applications of superior moisturizing lotion!  This dry, cold air is wreaking havoc on my skin, just as, I’m sure, it’s doing to yours, too.

But there’s hope.  According to the calendar (if not the meteorologist), Spring is a mere two weeks away – give or take a day or two – and soon after that, the weather will once more warm up enough for us to don the latest and cutest sandals, whether they’re last year’s cute Spring purchase or will be brand new this year.  Now, how to get your tootsies ready for those stinkin’ cute shoes without breaking the bank on a salon pedicure?  Sweet Treats for Summer Feet is your answer!

Sweet Treats for Summer Feet will help you get those Winter-weary, dried out, rough-skinned feet back into prime sandal condition.  Each kit contains a hefty 5-ounce bar of shea butter and sugar glycerin scrub soap, a pumice bar to tackle those really stubborn calluses and 4 ounces of goat’s milk and shea lotion, scented with a tingly essential oil blend.  I also include my tips for best results.  I’m following one right now, sitting around with white cotton socks on in order to allow my own body heat to help all that luscious moisturizer to do its best work.

After your feet are exfoliated and you’ve slathered them with a rich emollient cream, then you’re ready to top those tootsies with some color.  I LOVE Sally’s Beauty Supply for the best nail polishes!  Sure, they’re a bit more expensive than you’ll find at your local drugstore, but these are top-of-the-line, salon-quality nail polishes.  Can’t beat them for sharp, long-lasting color and brilliant shine.