How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Songs?

I’d like to announce a fantastic new game for the month of November!  This game will be taking place at my Facebook page and will be my own version of “Name That Tune.”  Here’s how we’ll play…

The last verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas...

Every week in November up until Thanksgiving, I’m going to post a snippet from a Christmas song on my Facebook page.  It’ll start easy – 5 notes – then gradually get harder.  I’ll choose Christmas music of all kinds – traditional, contemporary, carols and secular, but I won’t use obscure songs.  Your challenge is to name that tune!  The winner each week will receive a coupon good for $10.00 off an order at Sara’s Soaps ‘n Such.  You can only win one time, but don’t let that keep you from playing.  There’s only one little catch:  You must “like” my Facebook page.  But really, how hard is that?  (And I promise, it’s not all “buy my products”; there’s actually very little of that.)

So, cruise on over to Facebook and get ready for some fun and the opportunity to WIN!  Contest starts Tuesday with the first snippet.

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