A Whole Lotta Makin’ Goin’ On!

I’m back, and it feels great being back!  The soaping supplies have been lonely, meditating on the meaning of life while we’ve canned the mid-summer harvest and celebrated the first of two birthdays.  The kittens I’ve been featuring in every blog post have found their forever homes, including the Momma cat.  This does, of course, include the one that adopted me.  And because I thought it might be a good idea for that kitten – I named her Lily – to have a companion besides the big cats, we also rescued a kitten from the pound, named Severus.  Harry Potter fans will understand.

The first party revealed that the Polish dill pickles are the most popular pickles to date.  I took a quart of them, it wasn’t a huge party, and the jar got wiped out completely.  So, we made sure that we got in two more batches of them.  Here’s the first of those two.

Picture of Polish dill pickles
Polish dill pickles. Some kind of awesome good!

Since then, the hubby has requested watermelon rind pickles.  I had never tasted them, nor had I ever made them.  I was always taught, “Never eat the rind.  It’ll make you sick.”  But, willing to try anything once, I found a recipe for cinnamon watermelon rind pickles and started the process.  They’re not quite my thing, but they’re pretty good.  We harvested another watermelon this week, and we’re going to try another trick with the pickles this go-around.

Last night, I finished the scarf for my older daughter’s birthday present, and tomorrow, my younger daughter is going to help me make a muslin bag to store it in.  She’s really excited about this!

Now that that is wrapped up and in my “done” pile, I have a scarf in process that’ll go to Scarves in the Port City for their ministry to homeless people.  Since I tend to have two projects going at any one time, it became time to start a shawl for a wedding I’m attending in October.  Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous!  Well, it will be, I’m sure.  I chose a black mohair and wool blend lace yarn with tiny multicolored sequins woven through.  It’ll be warm, and the sequins give it a festive look and offset the severity of the red-black color blocking I’d have otherwise.  I’ve started it and unraveled it twice now; this is my first time with knitting lace.

Of course, you’d think I’m nuts, trying to get any yarn work done with two kittens in the house.  You’ve seen Lily already, but I haven’t shown Severus off, yet.  Here he is.  He’s a rescue from the local animal shelter, and isn’t he just absolutely beautiful?  With silky fur and the most lovable disposition, he’s the most perfect companion to me and to Lily.  I thought Lily should have a companion to play with (since the big cats aren’t into playing with kittens), and I couldn’t have chosen better.  She’s half his size, but certainly the more dominant kitten. 

Severus, my black cat
Severus at the vet doing kitty corsage

And here are the two of them this afternoon, napping together.  Lily sleeps in the middle; definitely my kitten.

Kittens sleeping
Lily and Severus recharging

So, for you readers who aren’t into Harry Potter, you may be wondering what the story behind the names is.  In the series, Lily is Harry’s mom, and it was Severus Snape, Professor of Potions at Hogwarts, who revealed to Lily why she was different; they were themselves at Hogwarts together.  I can’t say much more without a spoiler alert.  Severus is depicted as being dark:  Black hair, dark robes, stern (severe) demeanor.  Plus, there’s just something about a black cat being named for a wizard.  There’s a wicked part of me that’d love to train Severus to perch on my shoulder; then at Halloween, I could go around with the girls in my black cape with a black cat perched on my shoulder, freaking out superstitious people.  No, I won’t do that, because no amount of fun is worth putting my sweet boy at risk, but it’s still fun to think about.

Stay tuned for peeks at the soaps that are new for your pleasure and restocked for those of you who have your faves.  Hint:  Sweet Cinnamon & Clove beer soap is back!