Flip Flops Featured in My Maker Box

Back in June, I received an email from my business mentor, Donna Maria, asking if I would sell her some flip flop soaps at wholesale.  It was a large order, so I agreed.  These flip flop soaps were part of a 90-bar production series the girls and I tackled in a mere 3 weeks.  Oh my gosh, was that a lot of work, and did we get sick of pouring these soaps!  It was too much of a good thing.

Those soaps were for the premiere My Maker Box, a fabulous box loaded with at least $150.00 worth of products, which shipped out in August.  My Maker Box is made by makers, for makers.  You can hear dM herself tell you all about the August box here.  You can see my soap at around the 3:40 mark.


To celebrate the end of summer and the fact it’s still flip flop weather here, these flip flop soaps will be 40% off all week.

Don’t those treats look like so much fun?!  I’m personally lovin’ that earcuff.  Which of these treats would you love to have?

Tiger Lily Revisited

Once upon a time, I received a free bottle of Tiger Lily fragrance oil.  I used this fragrance in an early batch of cold process soap, adding orange and pink swirls.  It smelled wonderful and looked lovely.  I hadn’t thought a whole lot about that fragrance, but I am at that point in my business life where I want to get rid of unwanted or remnants of fragrances, and I knew I had a sniglet of that scent left.  Then one day, these showed up at my door via FedEx.

Pictures of lilies arrangement
A beautiful bouquet of white, pink, and orange lilies

Aren’t they gorgeous?  And they got even prettier as the days progressed and more of the buds opened.  My best friend sent these to me to celebrate the beginning of our school year and his final liberation from a hellish marriage.  Looking at this arrangement three times a day reminded me of that Tiger Lily fragrance, and I just had to find it and make a batch of soap with it.  It wasn’t a big batch, since I didn’t have much oil, but I managed to get six bars out of it.

Tiger Lily Soap
Beautiful, skin-lovin’ Tiger Lily Soap

That means that there are five of these glorious chunky bars available for your bathing pleasure (I’m keeping one for myself, thank you very much).  Specially formulated to last and to produce a rich lather, these soaps are a true skin and nose treat as we hang on to summer just a tad bit longer.  Their nubby tops were a happy accident and will feel fabulous next to your skin.

What’s your favorite flower that you’d love to sink into as you bathe?

Punky Patchouli





This is the coolest, most prettiest soap I have in this house. It has a flaming swirl that could   probably take your breath away. My Mom, my sister and I made this. My Mom makes the soap. My sister stirs the colors into the oil, and I stir the colors into the soap and I hold the funnel. This was so cool to make and plenty cool to design. Mom wanted to leave the blue and gold. I wanted a swirl, so I suggested to do a tiny swirl in the center but just to the edge of the blue and gold. The funnel holding is not so fun because it gets boring. Here is a picture of the soap.

Patchouli soap swirl
The center of our amazing Patchouli swirl.

I am also including a picture of what the funnel looks like, too. Isn’t it beautiful? That is what it looked like when we got done pouring all of the soap into the mould.

Funnel with soap in it
The funnel after we finish pouring all the colors for this soap.

I love seeing the final product.

Pink Sugar – a New Special Edition Soap

Just gotta soap.  That’s my personal justification for making a new soap out of a fragrance that simply doesn’t rock my world when I have a whole slew of “must-makes” on my dry-erase board.  Sure, sometimes I get tired of soaping the same ol’ things, so I succumb to the urge to whip up something different and fun.  From that urge came my newest special edition soap, Pink Sugar.  This delightfully, totally girly soap is bathing bliss with a blend of some of the greatest soapmaking oils and lusciously rich coconut milk.  I topped it with sparkly soap frosting and Himalayan pink salt.

Pink Sugar Soap Loaf
My Pink Sugar Soap freshly poured into the mould

This is that same wonderful girly goodness sliced.  Unfortunately, some of the salt fell off, but the inside is so pretty.  I expect the white parts to turn very brown because of the vanillin content in the fragrance, which will leave me with a brown and sparkly, hot pink swirled soap.  How pretty will that be!

Pink Sugar Soap
Eight delightful little bars of Pink Sugar Soap

These will be all ready for your blissful bathing enjoyment in around three weeks.  I bet you know someone who would appreciate such a girly, fun soap.