Crystal Coast Christmas Flotilla – Pt. 3

Party No More

Having missed last year’s Flotilla, we missed the encore of the previous year’s party, missed seeing the people and just missed the whole experience that IS our Flotilla weekend.  Apparently, a lot had changed in two years.  With two little ones, one of which would be ready to go to bed soon after the Flotilla ended, my husband and I decided we’d tag team the party so we’d each get a chance to go.  Since our baby settles easier without her sister in the room, Peter suggested I take our older daughter to the party, socialize a bit, come back and he’d go.  It was a good plan and so she and I set off for the lounge, eager to see our new friends again.

That didn’t last very long.  The Wilmington crew had undergone some pretty interesting changes.  There were a few familiar faces and welcoming smiles, but the tenor of the group had changed significantly.  The old group was warm and friendly, and they drank some, but mainly because it was there.  This new group drank to get drunk (not our thing) and engaged in some behaviors that we’re just not into.  Whereas the old group engaged our daughter in conversation and made her feel welcomed, this group kept saying, “I can’t say what I WANT to say” with a pointed look in the direction of my little girl.  She heard and felt the exclusion; she took her plate to a quiet place to eat, then told me that she was ready to go back to our room.  I’d had enough, so we headed back and my husband went to the party.

It got interesting at that point, and it was while he was there that we discovered the lifestyle preferences of this new group of people.  He had gotten his plate and two ladies – cougars both – approached him to invite him to join them in their room.  I don’t think I need to go into greater detail than that.  He decided at that point he needed to come back to our room.

We’ve decided not to even try to party with this group again.  It would’ve been nice to have the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas flotilla celebration with these folks, but we much prefer the old group.  That was a very baby tradition, so it’s not one we’re going to miss.  It also won’t take away our enjoyment of a great parade of boats or the lovely Inlet Inn.

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