The Village






Christmas Village
Our radiant Christmas Village

Hi!  This month I am writing a series about our Christmas decorating.  I am doing one blog post per week, each getting sent out on Fridays, with the last one coming the Friday before Christmas.  Now we set up our village. It is magical! And it’s such a size that fairies could live in it. Our elf-on-the-shelf (Elfie) even sat on the Chapel on the hill.

Our elf on the shelf
Elfie on our Chapel

Filled with excitement and fun, it seems like a simple night with a few people around. It is sooo calm and soothing. There are some folks deciding to have a midnight skate under a clear sky, while others decide to go for a stroll or sled down the hill.

We have a lot of decorating still to go, but we should still remember what Christmas is all about, too. I hope you don’t catch a cold! Bye for now!