It Started With a Dream

As many of my customers know, I have two daughters, both of whom like helping me with my business.  My older daughter, Mary, is COO of the Girly Arts line, and my younger daughter, Hannah, is learning the craft and beginning to help mix colorants and make soap.  Hannah has one objective:  Earn money for her pink fishing boat.  Early versions of this boat look something like this:

 photo peter-donegan-pink-boat-berth-bloom-2008.jpg

Eventually she’ll earn enough money fishing both to finance her college education and to upgrade to a bigger boat, something along the size of the Disney Dream.  No dreams are too big for her.

Hannah is determined to pay for her boat outright – all cash, no credit – and is already working hard to earn the money to buy her boat.  Not too long ago, she told me she likes helping me make soap.  I asked her what she likes about it, and she said, “I get to make money for my boat.  I’m in it for the money.”  Nevermind that she’s eleven years away from even being able to get her pilot’s license; she’s ready for it now.

As part of her endeavors to earn the money for her boat, Hannah has created and crafted these charming Steampunk butterflies.  Silver, bronze, and pearlescent white come together in a gorgeous, funky-cool soap unlike anything we’ve offered before.

steampunk butterfly
Steampunked Butterfly

Lovely, isn’t it?  Quantities are very limited on these beautiful special edition soaps, so get yours quickly.  Just click the picture above to get your hands on one of these sweet little gems.

Everyone has a dream.  What’s your dream?  What are you doing to achieve it?