Double Your Happiness with Manic Mint Soap

Owning a bottle of spearmint essential had long been a dream of mine.  When I could afford it, either I didn’t think about it or my suppliers didn’t have it.  When I couldn’t justify the expense…  Well, there ya go.  Finally, last month things aligned so that I could barely justify it when it was time to restock lavender oil, so I went ahead and splurged.

The bottles of oil came and… Ohhhhhhh!!!  One whiff of the spearmint oil and I was blasted away in a zippedy-doo-dah moment of euphoria.  The scent was pure, crisp mint that brings to mind amazing chewing gum and carried memories of my grandma’s out-of-control mint bed that wasted little time racing from its spot near their pool in the back up to the driveway.  Suffice it to say, I was blissed out!

I’d been yearning for this spearmint oil for one simple reason:  To make a spearmint-peppermint swirled soap.  But how to design it?  Then my Facebook memories reminded me of this stunning black and white mantra swirl I’d done ages ago and I thought, Why not?  It’d been years since I’d done that particular design last, and it wasn’t particularly hard to do.

This is that swirl coming to be.

Sure, this soap is fabulous from the top side, but what about the slices?  Unfortunately, you have to wait to see that as the soap is still a bit soft to unmould.  The best places to check it out are my Facebook page and my Instagram feed; I’ll be showing off the slices around Friday of this week.  It’s just two days away!

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes view of a swirl coming together.  These beauties will be ready to add some zippedy to your doo-dah in less than 4 weeks.  Be sure we’re landing in your inbox because email subscribers get first dibs on all new products.  I just received a new fragrance today to try, so that’ll be one of my next soaps to show off to you.

Punky Patchouli





This is the coolest, most prettiest soap I have in this house. It has a flaming swirl that could   probably take your breath away. My Mom, my sister and I made this. My Mom makes the soap. My sister stirs the colors into the oil, and I stir the colors into the soap and I hold the funnel. This was so cool to make and plenty cool to design. Mom wanted to leave the blue and gold. I wanted a swirl, so I suggested to do a tiny swirl in the center but just to the edge of the blue and gold. The funnel holding is not so fun because it gets boring. Here is a picture of the soap.

Patchouli soap swirl
The center of our amazing Patchouli swirl.

I am also including a picture of what the funnel looks like, too. Isn’t it beautiful? That is what it looked like when we got done pouring all of the soap into the mould.

Funnel with soap in it
The funnel after we finish pouring all the colors for this soap.

I love seeing the final product.


It’s that great earthy scent that is a flashback to the 60s, the Summer of Love and the Peace Movement.  It conjures up images of painted VW vans with shag carpeting in the back and very mellow hippie people with long hair with flowers in it.  This is a love-it-or-hate-it scent; I’ve yet to hear anyone say, “I kinda like it.”  It’s Patchouli, and if you can’t tell, I’m completely in the “LOVE IT!!!” camp.

One of the most awesome swirls I've ever done in Patchouli.  Totally wow!
One of the most awesome swirls I’ve ever done in Patchouli. Totally wow!
A close-up of that wicked cool swirl
A close-up of that wicked cool swirl

This was such a fun soap to make!  The business rule is, no one under the age of 12 gets to help make cold process soap, which, of course, means that both my girls are salivating for the opportunity to help me make it.  My four-year-old mixed all my colorants for me (there are 12 total), and my ten-year-old mixed the raw soap into the colorants.  Mom was here when we mixed and poured it, which was her first experience watching me make soap.  When I swept the coat hanger into the soap and we saw the swirl emerge, we gasped at how cool it was.  Click either pic to purchase a bar of Patchouli soap, or wait about 3 1/2 weeks for these jewels to be ready for purchase.

 In which camp are you?  Do you love it or hate it?


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