Flip Flops Featured in My Maker Box

Back in June, I received an email from my business mentor, Donna Maria, asking if I would sell her some flip flop soaps at wholesale.  It was a large order, so I agreed.  These flip flop soaps were part of a 90-bar production series the girls and I tackled in a mere 3 weeks.  Oh my gosh, was that a lot of work, and did we get sick of pouring these soaps!  It was too much of a good thing.

Those soaps were for the premiere My Maker Box, a fabulous box loaded with at least $150.00 worth of products, which shipped out in August.  My Maker Box is made by makers, for makers.  You can hear dM herself tell you all about the August box here.  You can see my soap at around the 3:40 mark.


To celebrate the end of summer and the fact it’s still flip flop weather here, these flip flop soaps will be 40% off all week.

Don’t those treats look like so much fun?!  I’m personally lovin’ that earcuff.  Which of these treats would you love to have?

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