You May Not Be Human

What do you want today?  What do you want for this week?  The coming month?  This year?  If you want it, do you want it badly enough to go after it?

In a discussion with a friend of mine earlier today, I challenged him:  “You say you want something, but you never do anything to get it.  Ya know, if I said I wanted to lose weight, it’s not going to happen if I just sit on my butt all day, shoving junk food in my face.”  He replied, “It’s human nature to want something but never go after it.”  Really?  Because as I think about my friends, family members and acquaintances, I see a whole bunch of people who wanted something badly enough to go after it, including myself.

So, if there’s ever been anything you’ve wanted badly enough to work, sweat, and sacrifice for, chances are, you’re not human.  I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but I thought you should know.

I was thinking about some of my “not human” friends today.

  • At least three who’ve given up smoking in the past year, because they wanted better health.
  • Several recovering alcoholics.
  • Many, many who have lost a LOT of weight due to diligent exercise and changing their eating habits.  (One even did so well, he no longer needs insulin or other meds to manage diabetes.)
  • The countless others who have dared to pursue financial freedom through aggressive saving, debt-reduction, and wise investing.
  • Still others who are seeking financial independence through starting completely new businesses or diligently working to grow existing indie businesses.

Even animals want something enough to go after it.  Have you ever seen a lion chasing a gazelle?  The lion wants dinner, and that gazelle wants to see another sunrise.  The lion has choices – wounded wildebeest, slow zebra, less intense gazelle.  Chances are, the lion will eat.  The gazelle has two choices – run like hell or feed hungry lions.  There really is no other choice for him.

If even wild animals want something badly enough to pursue it by their very nature, then humans also, by nature, will go after what we want if we desire it badly enough.  The difference is, we have moral guidelines and societal mores to place some boundaries on what we go after.  Promotion?  Sure!  Neighbor’s husband?  Not so much.

If my friend is right and it’s not human nature to go after what we want, then I challenge you to embrace your non-humanness.  Be a gazelle.  Be intense about succeeding at what you want or failing as you go after it.  But DO IT.  And do it again.  And learn from every mistake, every miscalculation.  Don’t fail and say, “Well, I tried” and never try again.  Name the failure:  “Shoot!  I forgot to allow for that expense.”  “I didn’t work hard enough grasping that concept.”  “I messed up when I didn’t show up for work.”  Own it.  And learn from it.

Do you want the success bad enough?  Then go after it.  Do you want a better life, better health, more disposable income?  Then work for it.  You can do this!

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