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From the moment we’re born, touch is a major part of our lives.  We’re wrapped snuggly in a blanket and placed in our mother’s arms, where we’re warm, secure and happy.  As we grow into children, that need and desire for touch doesn’t disappear; it manifests itself in holding hands with our friends, hugging our parents (or, in my older daughter’s case, hugging anyone who’ll stand still long enough) and sitting on an available lap.  When we hit our teens, we’re holding hands with members of the opposite sex, hugging our girlfriends, back-thumping our guy friends and still hugging our parents – when no one’s around to see us.

Then what happens?  I don’t know, but somewhere between going off to college and entering the “real world,” we forget that we need touch, so we’re often left feeling bereft, but not quite sure what’s missing or how to fill that void.  Most of us date people, getting intimate touches.  We eventually get married, complete with its touches, and life continues with holding hands, kissing, making love, spooning at night and cuddling on the sofa while watching a movie.

How often, though, do we as adults get those soothing, comforting touches that were ours as children?  I’d suggest, not very often, and that’s where a good massage comes in.  I’m aware that there’s a split between those for massage and those against.  I’d suggest that those who are against it think of it as something dirty, something that’s lurid and perverted, best kept to the back rooms of “massage parlours.”  Those who think massages are wonderful recognize their therapeutic benefits.

There are three main types of massage for adults:  Therapeutic, relaxing and erotic.  Therapeutic massages are those that often work deeper tissues, working out muscle knots or cramps, maybe even alleviating headaches with the right touch.  I picture a tiny little Japanese woman walking on the back of the person she’s massaging.  Relaxing massages aren’t quite as deep, focusing instead on soothing tensions and using touch to lull a person into a state of relaxation and a cessation of tension.  Erotic massages are made to tease and tantalize more than relax.  The fundamental bliss of human contact is still there, but in this case, the emphasis is on paying special attention to the erogenous zones and using touch to heighten and enflame the senses.  Erotic massages often lead to a “happy ending,” if both parties are in agreement about it.  (Google for more information on massages.)

My new massage oil is a proprietary blend of high quality, 100% natural oils chosen especially for the unique properties each one brings to a massage.  Some oils absorb quickly into the skin.  Others have a really nice slide.  Still others contain vitamins or antioxidants, making the oils themselves very good for the skin.  They come in a variety of fragrances and I’ll soon be adding flavors.  I encourage you to pick up a bottle today and try it out.  They come in two sizes – an 8-ounce bottle for your bedside table and a 2-ounce bottle that’s sized to fly to a romantic get-away.  You won’t be sorry!

In a later article,I’ll discuss the benfits of massage on babies.

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