What’s in Your Cell Phone?

A well-known Viking-heavy credit card commercial asks, “What’s in your wallet?”  I ask you, “What’s in your cell phone?”  I had the time and extreme boredom required to clean out my cell phone the other day.  There were text messages going back over two years that needed to be deleted or moved.  I did this partially because, with the number of texts I’m sending and receiving lately, it doesn’t take long for me to run out of memory, and really, I’d rather have the memory to snap that picture of one of my girls.  Also, I’ve been eyeing a new phone for a few months now and want to have my “must saves” squared away.

While I was cleaning out my text messages – and yes, that meant reading most of them – I started noticing what a treasure trove of daily life my texts were.

Daily Stuff – Texts from my husband asking if I knew of anything we needed at the grocery store or telling me he’ll pick up our daughter from day care.

Romantic Texts – Kisses flying through space to land in my phone.  Simply “I hope your day’s going well.  I love you.”  Sweet little moments of knowing my husband’s thinking of me at that moment during his work day.

Pictures – Pics from friends, one of whom seems to have a fascination with sending multiple camera phone self-portraits.  (Why???)  A picture showing a new haircut.  My aunt enjoying her second-best birthday celebration in recent years.  Christmas breakfast.  Things my husband spots while he’s out, like the house that had Halloween and Christmas decorations up at the same time – in early October!  Then there was this, arguably the best treasure of all these pictures, each pixel worth a thousand words and a million memories.

This is my recently departed Grandpa holding my then newborn baby last August.  It’s the only picture I have of them together.

Question:  What’s in your cell phone?

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