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This past Winter, I started playing around with a new face cream.  Now, I’m not really thinking of launching off into facial care specifically (creams, masques, makeup, facial scrubs, etc.); there are some very talented cosmetic manufacturers who are doing that already.  Thing is, I was running low on the pretty great face cream I’d gotten in my goodie bag at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference a couple of years ago and wanted to try to make something similar.  With the awesome help of Tina at Majestic Mountain Sage, I formulated a face cream that made my Winter-dry skin feel totally blissed.  In fact, it felt so great on my skin and made my face feel so incredible that I realized that there was no way I could keep this all to myself.

My first step, though, was having other women test it.  After all, I might think it’s the greatest cream ever, but that doesn’t mean other people will.  Here is some of the feedback I got:

“I like the cream. No breakouts, sort of bronzes my skin… Like I’m at the beach. I dig it.” (April)

“I love how light it is!  It feels so good under my makeup.” (Donna)

“I love this stuff. I barely touch my finger to it, and its enough to do my whole face. I am so impressed how soft and moisturized it made my skin. I am in my early 50’s and have face skin as soft as a babies butt now….  love the way it makes my face feel….. and my grandchildren telling me I am kissable soft.” (Patti)

“When will this be available for purchase?  I love it!” (Amy)

Now, after the months-long testing process, Tahiti Kiss is available for purchase.  It’s my pleasure to share this fabulous treat with you.  In the four months I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed my skin is less prone to breakouts, a few people have told me I look younger than I am (I’ve even been carded buying wine!) and  my face is slower to suffer the effects of sun exposure when I’m wearing it.  Be sure to pick up your jar of this amazing face cream today, while supplies last.

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