Bringing Back Some Favorites

Do y’all hear that deep, straight-from-the-toes sigh?  It’s the sound of a woman/mom/entrepreneur who is able to shed some additions to her schedule and get back into the business of taking care of business.  Several weeks ago, my younger daughter said, “Mommy, it’s not for long.”  She was referring to my being stuck behind a dump truck on the way to their swimming lesson, but I thought about it in light of all the things I had on my plate at the time.  I was chauffeuring them to swimming lessons Mondays and Fridays, soccer practice (including coaching my younger daughter’s team) Tuesdays and Thursdays, church activities Wednesdays and Sundays, and Saturdays were soccer games with all four of us being involved in some way.  But I knew soccer would end in mid-May, swimming lessons would end the end of April, and Wednesday night church activities would be over for them before our trip.  In short, “it wouldn’t be for long.”

All that’s over now.  We’ve returned from our EPIC Spring Break trip, wrapped up the soccer season, we’re days away from the end of our school year, and I am plowing head-first back into work.  I kicked it off with three batches of amazing soap restocking.  That was Friday evening’s fun.  Mostly this weekend, though, I did minimal production and lots of resting.

Two fresh soaps - Fresh Cut Roses and Lemon Grove Gardeners Soap
Two fresh soaps – Fresh Cut Roses and Lemon Grove Gardeners Soap

In my mad soapmaking endeavors Friday evening, I started with a glorious batch of Soap of Milk & Honey (and Oatmeal!), which you can sort of see a bit of in the bottom of the picture.  I followed that with Fresh Cut Roses (the pink soap) which I’m making primarily to restock for ConTemporal, but also to add to my line as a Special Edition.  I brought the production home with Lemon Grove Gardener’s Soap (the pale yellow there with the specks of calendula petals), a perennial favorite with its scrubby properties and all natural, fresh lemony scent.

Up next is a rendezvous with The Perfect Man.  Stay tuned…

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Warm Up Your Valentine’s Day!

We’re sh-sh-sh-shivering our way through the week here in Coastal North Carolina with our area looking like a beautiful Winter Wonderland as ice coats trees and lawns with icicles dangling from our mailbox, flag stand and grill.

With all this cold weather and ice, I’m trying to warm up with some warm thoughts.  I’m thinking about Summer beach trips or snuggling with my sweetie beside a roaring fire.  I’m pondering hot soaks and even hotter massages.  Maybe there’s a reason that the most romantic day of the year falls in the dead of winter.

We have all sorts of goodies to warm up your Valentine’s Day, whether you’re of a mind to warm that special someone’s heart or warm that special someone’s body.  Check out all the totally scrumptious offerings!

Chocolate AND Roses AND a long, hot soak.  What a great way to say, "I appreciate all you do!"
Chocolate AND Roses AND a long, hot soak. What a great way to say, “I appreciate all you do!”
This soap will put you in the mood for l'amour with its lovely romantic floral scent.
This soap will put you in the mood for l’amour with its lovely romantic floral scent.
Warm her heart with these lovely Victorian Heart Soaps. Aren’t they charming? (And much fewer calories than chocolate!)
A full body massage is the best way to heat up cold nights. There’s nothing like the feel of oil warmed in your lover’s hands before your lover rubs it on your skin!
Just for her, roses that will last longer and smell better than the overpriced long-stem variety so popular at Valentine’s Day. Treat her to a soap, lotion and lip balm that will make her body feel special.

If the weather is yucky and you can’t get what you need by the big day (Friday!), don’t hurt yourself trying to buy something.  I promise, if that special person is truly that special, he or she will understand, and you can stretch the celebration out for the whole weekend.*

What special way will you treat your Valentine this year?

* Due to inclement weather here, orders won’t go out before Thursday, so I’m afraid I can’t guarantee Valentine’s delivery.  Gift certificates, however, can be there within hours.

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