Post Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day...
Happy Valentine’s Day… (Photo credit: Јerry)

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Ours was pretty nice.  We’re not so much into the hearts and roses thing here.  For us, it’s a day to celebrate loving each other in our lives, and we’ll use it as an excuse to make a special dinner, but that’s about it.  The girls and I made this pretty scrumptious cake for their dad, he made beef stroganoff for us (my favorite), and we popped the cork on a bottle of wine.  I received some sweet cards, including a handmade card from my girls, and the perfect card from my husband.

The girls and I get to extend the celebration this week while we visit dear friends and my Grandmother.  For us, Valentine’s Day isn’t a one-time holiday to share love or to celebrate loving the special people in our lives.  Valentine’s Day is just another day for us.  We believe in celebrating our relationships with those we love every day.  We say “I love you” and “You’re pretty great” on a regular basis.

What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?  Is it something special, or just another “Hallmark holiday”?

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