What Do You Say to Body Creme?

If you are in my branded Facebook group, then you likely saw the live video I posted last week about these amazing little samples with the incredible fragrance.  First, a little backstory…  (aka, How in the world did I get to these?)

Lotion samples
Orange Blossom + Amber lotion samples

Ages ago when I was making smaller amounts of lip balms (not many hundreds a year), I ordered my tubes from Rustic Escentuals/Aroma Haven, a supplier out of South Carolina.  Their prices were fair, service was great, but the UPS shipping was brutal!  Let’s face it:  Lip balm tubes and caps are not terribly bulky or heavy to ship.  At around this same time, I discovered a then-Kentucky-based company that offered the same product for a comparable price, but which had a priority mail shipping option, which cut my shipping in half or more per order.  I abandoned AHRE for that particular product.

The second company moved operations from Kentucky to Colorado, and the shipping went up accordingly.  (Hey, I get it.  It happens.)  Over the past couple of months, I have gone back to buying smaller quantities of tubes at a time from AHRE.  The per-item price is a titch cheaper (we’re talking a fraction of a penny here), the shipping still makes my gut clench, but the basic, cheap-o Fedex home delivery is here the next day if I place my order before lunchtime.  This amounts of overnight delivery without paying a premium for it!

I placed my first order in a long time with AHRE and was delighted to have the opportunity to get a free fragrance sample.  I LOVE sniffies, and when I get enough of them, I throw down a batch of one-hit wonders.  Being on the seemingly endless search for a good Orange Blossom fragrance, I happily clicked the button to add a free sample of Orange Blossom & Amber fragrance oil to my cart.  Imagine my surprise and delight when my package arrived the next day (overnight shipping – woohoo!) and I discovered a one-ounce bottle of fragrance!  With a happy mix of excitement (Hope it smells awesome!) and trepidation (What if it smelled awful?), I opened the bottle and took that first sniff.  It smelled amazing!  It’s got the orange blossom scent I was expecting with bottom notes of warm, musky amber.

The question came, What to do with these 28ish grams of awesomeness?  I had a small amount of coconut avocado lotion base in my shop fridge, so I warmed it a little bit, added the fragrance, and poured it into bottles.  The largest bottle made it into my backpack.  The rest of the lotion went into the adorable little white bottles you see up there ^^^ to be shared with you, my customers.

This, of course, led to another question…  I used to offer a line of luxurious body cremes, and with winter’s dry air coming, is this something you’d like to see again?  This would be a limited time offer of a very exclusive variety of scents, and I’d use the to-die-for coconut avocado lotion as the base.

In the meantime, I have three samples of this Orange Blossom & Amber creme available, and the next three customers who order will receive one so you can see what has me so excited.

Again, would you like to see a limited engagement of body cremes for the winter?  And what fragrances would have you turning cartwheels?

Sunny Days Ahead


Let me introduce you to Sun on the Go sets.  We are trying small sets in a convenient vinyl spa bag so they are more travel sized.  They can be taken on a plane,  yet are able to take just a little bit of space.  We aren’t doing shampoo;  instead,  we’re doing detangling spray, so after a day in the sun,  you can brush your hair with ease.  The lotion helps after sunburns or tender areas, while, at the same time, you can use it for simply moisturizing your skin.  SOTG_Small2The soap will be good for cleaning sweat, germs and even shells off your skin.  You can use it on your face, though we can’t predict how your skin will react, since people are sensitive to different things.  The lip balm will not work as a sun screen lip balm, so don’t use it that way.  However it will work if your lips are dried out. You can pick these up at the Blueberry Festival this Saturday, 21 June 2014 or order them from our online store if you’re not going to be in the area this weekend.

Luxurious Solutions for Winter Dry Skin

It is not at all unusual for me to get special orders for products or for people to tell me about their skin conditions and ask me to pair them up with products that will meet their needs.  Usually, for complaints of psoriasis, eczema or sensitivities to fragrances, I recommend Soap of Milk & Honey (and Oatmeal!).  I received a call, though, from a long-time customer who was looking for products similar to what she had been getting from another company.  That’s not something I usually like to do, but she gave me the name of the company and the products, so I started investigating.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered these products which were earth-inspired and “natural” were made of premade bases with a few things added!  They even made claims about the healing properties about an ingredient that was in a product’s name, and the only hint of that ingredient was the scent!

No, I could not duplicate these products for my friend; I could make them from scratch even better.  I relayed to her my findings and warned her that I couldn’t make these products cheaper than she was getting them.  In fact, they would be more expensive.  She said, “I don’t care.  Yours will be better, and I’d rather buy from you, anyway.”  Here are her skin treats…

Handmade Lotion & Soap with an all natural lavender and pink grapefruit fragrance
Handmade Lotion & Soap with an all natural lavender and pink grapefruit fragrance

For bathing, I’m hooking her up with gloriously luscious body wash.  This mild soap made of a blend of premium, skin-loving oils builds lots of fluffy lather and leaves skin scrumptiously silky and richly supple.  The fragrance is an intriguing blend of herbaceous lavender and juicy pink grapefruit.  To hit those troubled dry spots, the lotion is a creamy blend features coconut milk and contains avocado oil, a great addition for her slightly more mature skin.  This also has that same incredible scent as the soap, so she’ll get to enjoy the light scent without inflicting it on everyone around her.

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