I Quit!

CHOC Walk 2009
CHOC Walk 2009 (Photo credit: Denise Cross Photography) – Thought this was appropriate, as one of our movies was “Aladdin.”

Last week, I quit.  I quit work for the most part.  I quit the business for a week.  In fact, I quit everything but motherhood.  My older daughter was at camp, leaving me home alone with my younger daughter for a whole week.  What a treat, as we haven’t gotten to do this in about a year!

We did all sorts of fun things!  We went to the library and got books.  We went to the beach with my mom.  We got haircuts.  We watched movies – lots of movies.  We read books.  And we cuddled.  That was the best part, that cuddling.

I checked my business email once a day, and the Wee Princess and I went through boxes and boxes of soaps to parcel out which ones we’d be donating.  Then she helped me organize those in my storage space.  I made phone calls, did housework, and made products while she napped,  A couple of days, I napped, too.  So, I didn’t quit completely; it wasn’t a planned break, so I didn’t think it would be fair to my customers just to close up shop completely for the week.

The break was restorative and a great lead-in to beginning school this week.  It taught me something valuable, too; it taught me that I can, in fact, give myself a break from running my business full-tilt, and the world won’t come to an end.  It reminded me that my goal isn’t to build a lasting legacy through my business.  My primary goal is to raise two kind, compassionate, giving, loving, brilliant daughters.  Teaching them those character traits is the legacy that’s most important to me.