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Ya know, as much of a geek as I’ll claim to be, my geekiness resides more in the realm of social sciences than in math or computers. So, if I figure out someone’s motivation for doing something, then that’s cool, but not so thrilling. On the other hand, if I figure out something on my website, then it’s a big deal. I had a big deal moment yesterday. All I wanted to do was change one thing, the title of a side box so I can put the HSMG logo in it and have it make sense to that box. For me to make any changes to my website, I usually have three things up and available – my digital copy of the Zen Cart manual (in .pdf format), the ZC forums and the ZC FAQ pages. So, I was clicking back and forth between those three, rewriting codes, saving and then refreshing my webpage, each time holding my breath and hoping that something would come up. If I make a mistake, my site loads as a blank page until I find the mistake.

Deep breath… Hold it… Click the “refresh” icon… Wait for it… Whew! There’s my upper bar, the logo, the product pics… It loaded! Yea! Oh, wait. There it is. My newly redone side box sporting the white, green and peach logo of the Guild. Woohoo!!! That was my big accomplishment for yesterday.

Today’s not-so-little thrill came when my daughter, who’s in kindergarten, brought home her second term report card. Looking at the grades and marks is great enough, but then I saw the teacher’s comments, telling her Dad and I that she “continues to excel in all academic areas.” Woohoo! We’d been concerned because her primary teacher hasn’t been there since before Thanksgiving and she’d lost a lot of her enthusiasm for going to school and doing homework. We’re so glad to see she’s excelling, despite the interruption in her classroom.

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