Lessons in Leadership from my Six-Year-Old Daughter

Originally typed 29 July 2010

Each day, my girls and I walk at least a mile-and-a-half.  Well, I walk, the baby rides in her stroller and my older daughter who’s six rides her bike.  She likes to be the leader, and since she tends to ride on my heels, I let her.  Walking with her has taught me a few valuable lessons in leadership.

(1)  A good leader will make firm decisions.  We take turns deciding which route through the neighborhood we’ll take, and when it’s her turn, she doesn’t waffle; she says, “Let’s start at the cul de sac today.”

(2)  A good leader trusts that those she’s leading will follow her.  My daughter wouldn’t be “leading” if I were to strike off in the other direction.

(3)  A good leader will accept direction from her followers.  Even though my daughter may be leading us on our walks, she listens when I holler, “Car!” which is our code for “get to the side.”

(4) She respects differences of opinion.  Usually her little legs wear out before mine do, so she respects my desire to continue while she finds something else to do.

Who’s been an unlikely leader for you?  What did they teach you?

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