Filling the Soap Rack

This past weekend wasn’t a weekend for creating great new soaps, but instead, for replenishing out-of-stock wares.  After the beating my rack took between holiday sales and filling my private label accounts, my soap rack is looking very bare.  Well, it was, anyway.  Take a quick peek at some of the offerings that are soon to be available again.

That lovely natural-colored soap on the left is a fresh batch of Lemongrass Sage Beer Soap, one of the newest offerings from Sara’s Soaps ‘n Such.  This divinely wonderful soap has a luxurious lather, a clean spa scent and moisturizes your skin like nobody’s business.  Its rougher looking companion there is the beginning of a new soap concept, courtesy of my mother-in-law, Mary Ann.  Each of those bars has a kickin’ lather (seriously, the bubbles rose FOUR INCHES above the top of my soap pot!) and the silkiest feel I’ve felt in ages.  They’re scented with Purple Sandalwood, an exotically earthy fragrance.  And the new concept?  Stay tuned! 🙂

What soaps would you love to see me offer this year?  Any particular liquids or scents?

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Hi! Sara here! I'm the CEO and Master Artisan here at Coastal Carolina Soap Co. I started out as a hobbyist and started Sara's Soaps 'n Such, which I owned for 14 years. Coastal Carolina Soap Co. was borne out of my love for the North Carolina coast and its natural beauty, and we're bringing that beauty to you in our soaps and body products.

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