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Check out these Victorian heart soaps. I highly suggest them to you because they are good quality soap with an elegant design. I have black, white and red for sale. They are very pretty and have a dusting of mica, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The red one is a limited edition and so is the white one, too! The design I will only do for Valentine’s Day. The black one is a new variation on an old design. The other soaps will be available year round.
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Hi! Sara here! I'm the CEO and Master Artisan here at Coastal Carolina Soap Co. I started out as a hobbyist and started Sara's Soaps 'n Such, which I owned for 14 years. Coastal Carolina Soap Co. was borne out of my love for the North Carolina coast and its natural beauty, and we're bringing that beauty to you in our soaps and body products.

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