Balms Away!

It is three yummy flavors in one sweet little tube! It’s Balms Away! lip balm, a fabulous triple layered treat for your lips. I was looking at the product picture on the listing for these balms, and I was remembering when I had made all these tubes of balm. Two years ago, fellow alumni and I from my high school graduating class got together to put together care packages for troops serving in Afghanistan, and I’d made these for those boxes.

Boxes lined up getting bath & body goodies, popcorn, protein bars and other stuff
Boxes lined up getting bath & body goodies, popcorn, protein bars and other stuff

These were a lot of work, but so much fun to make! It’s thrilling watching layer harden upon layer, then seeing the finished product emerge.

Filling the lip balm tubes
Filling the lip balm tubes

You should grab one of these treats for yourself.  First, enjoy a blast of sweet cherry flavor, followed by toasted coconut (delish!), then finish the tube with blueberry, pumped up with blueberry butter.  The tubes of these lip balms just look happy with their patriotic flair.

Balms Away! lip balm
Balms Away! lip balm, layered with cherry, toasted coconut, and blueberry in one sweet tube

What’s your favorite lip balm flavor, maybe a flavor that takes you back?

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