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Break is over and it’s back to the grind for us.  Oh, but was it hard!  We got started a day later than previously expected, because we had the opportunity to go see “Frozen” (highly recommend it!) yesterday.  This morning the temperatures were – I swear – the CoLdEsT here in recorded history.  Suffice it to say, cocooned under the covers with a 12-pound furry space heater beside me, and I didn’t want to get up at all!

But get up we all did at long and at last.  As my fuzzy slipper-clad feet hit the floor of the lower level, a new excitement stole over me, and that excitement has continued to grow throughout the day.  Following 2013’s series of business disappointments that I lay completely at the feet of the economy catching up with everyone, it would be so easy for me to be discouraged, to quit, to liquidate my business and call it a day.  But I’m no quitter!

I usually have a strong sense of how business will roll through the year, or, more importantly, how I’m going to roll with my business, and this year is no different.  I’m starting the year with better boundaries on myself.  I’m going to lower some of my walls to enable others to help me when I need it, as well as ask for help when I need it.  (Hey, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto, right?)  Another thing I’m doing with intention is put boundaries on myself.  I have to discipline myself better in order to grow my business, and I’m starting with this week’s Indie Beauty Network’s Success Call.  I have to give up an hour or two of TV to take part, and unfortunately, in doing so, I’ll have to give up my best friend’s and my weekly tradition of watching our favorite Tuesday night shows together virtually, but it’s not every week.  It’s not like I can’t catch the shows in reruns or online, too.

While I don’t think 2014 will be MY YEAR (I’d seriously make that blink if I could), I feel strongly that the steps and action plans I’m going to put into effect this year will provide an incredible foundation for next year to be MY YEAR.  I feel like I’m gearing up for absolutely amazing things to happen, and how exciting it will be to have you along for the ride!

Is 2014 going to be your year?  Or is this year simply the start of something grand for you?

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